All About React Query.

What is react query?

React Query is a most simple and front-end lover library that uses to handle ReactJs state management for any kind of asynchronous data and also it makes fetching, caching, synchronizing, and updating server state.


Why learn react query?

React Query is very simple and easy to learn. If you want to use it to manage your state and fetching from any API React Query provides us the useQuery hook to fetch and control the state of the retrieved data. So you no need to write any boilerplate code.

Is React query an alternative to Redux/Flux/Mobx etc?

Actually, it’s not but But React Query will make it simple to use Redux/Flux/Mobx. React Quey use to make operation between server and client and Redux/Flux/Mobx uses to store asynchronous data on client side.

React Query replaces the boilerplate code and related wiring used to manage cache data in your client state and replaces it with just a few lines of code. (According to their official documentation)



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